District 837 PAC Committee

Machinist District 837 Political Action Committee


The Committee meets quarterly in Non-Election years and as required during Election years.

The Committee only collects Voluntary contributions from our District membership. No Union dollars are donated to the Committee.

The Committee includes the Sub-Committees from our three Local Lodges and our District.

At our meetings the Committee discusses the latest Political climate and what is going on in the State and Federal Legislatures. We are a non-partisan committee and only work towards Union activities and towards sales for our two employers, The Boeing Company and GKN Aerospace.


If you are a registered Candidate for an upcoming election here is how we work:

            You should send any contribution or support requests to the Chairman of the Committee to be reviewed by the Committee. As our Committee makes all the determinations please do not send requests to Officers or our Local Lodges. Mail your requests and communications to:

            Chairman, DL 837 PAC

            212 Utz Lane

            Hazelwood, MO  63042


  • We do not make contributions in off-election years.
  • We make contributions directly to candidates or issues.
  • We make our determinations AFTER the COPE endorsements are released.
  • You must send us a paper request in order to be considered.



Chairman, DL 837 PAC

IAMAW District 837