Boeing Speed Fact

Dear Brothers and Sisters:                                                                                            November 15, 2021      The Union and Company met again on Friday 11/12/2021 to discuss the vaccine mandate and the effects it will have on our membership. As I have said all along this is a fluid situation and changes/updates are continuously being made by the administration and the Company. We feel some of the changes made are a positive step to keep our membership employed and safe while we work through this process. We are hearing of members who received their accommodations and are hopeful everyone who has requested an accommodation is approved. We […]

Boeing SpeedFact

Dear Brothers and Sisters:                                          November 01, 2021      These have certainly been some of the toughest times for our members, as we have all been impacted by the COVID pandemic. First and foremost, we are continuing to engage in effects bargaining with The Boeing Company. We are not close to reaching an agreement and will continue to schedule meetings in the future. It is important for us to communicate today, as we understand the anxiety and stress this vaccine mandate has caused for our members. We want to encourage members that are considering submission of a medical or religious exemption […]