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Dear Brothers and Sisters:                 

                                                                          November 15, 2021     

The Union and Company met again on Friday 11/12/2021 to discuss the vaccine mandate and the effects it will have on our membership. As I have said all along this is a fluid situation and changes/updates are continuously being made by the administration and the Company. We feel some of the changes made are a positive step to keep our membership employed and safe while we work through this process.

We are hearing of members who received their accommodations and are hopeful everyone who has requested an accommodation is approved. We ask that any member seeking a religious or medical exemption to submit your accommodation request ASAP. The company has stated, those who have requested an accommodation and are waiting on a response after the January 4th deadline will continue to work until the outcome of their request is determined.

For those eligible and determined to retire before the deadline the changes will allow the opportunity to stay until the end of December and initiate your retirement beginning January 1, 2022. If you have received your vaccine, HR will be on the shop floor over the next few weeks to assist those needing help uploading their vaccination card to Worklife. The Union is scheduled to meet with the Company on Tuesday 11/16/21 and we will update the membership on any additional changes.

I want to remind the membership that we are 8 months away from our contract expiration. It is at these negotiations that we have the leverage to make substantial demands to the company and the power to back up those demands with a membership that is focused on solidarity.

The following is a list of the changes regarding the new direction the Company will be following regarding the mandate.

Dec. 15 is preliminary deadline for vaccine registration into Worklife accommodation requests will continue to be reviewed as submissions are made January 4 new deadline as initial indicator for employee compliance.

Accept full/partial vaccination received (received final dose, not the two-week waiting period), and approved/pending accommodation as indicators of compliance

For employees who have taken no action by January 4, provide a final warning and educational materials.

Deliver final warning and educational materials with this additional consideration period.

Employees continue working while complying with testing protocols.

Employees that initiate vaccine series after January 4, but is not complete by deadline.

Employees continue working, while complying with testing protocols; no longer required to implement administrative leaves

Temporary testing protocols would be in place only to the point of achieving the final dose to be compliant

If no action has been taken, then release by January 26.

Last day on payroll is January 25, 2022.

In Solidarity,

Tom Boelling


Business Representative

IAMAW District 837