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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As our communities and our states begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Boeing decided to make the wearing of face masks in the workplace a requirement across the enterprise beginning, June 15, 2020. I encourage all members to adhere to this policy and use common sense, social distancing practices. Please address any safety concerns you may have with your manager and union representative.

For over two months IAM 837 members have continued to come to work as designated “essential workers”, making a profit for the Boeing Company during the pandemic. Only now after the height of the pandemic danger has the company chose to implement this new safety policy.

My requests for two weeks of sick hours for all members to use, hazard compensation, and more continue to be ignored by the company. I ask every member to not forget all that you have endured. Remember how this company has treated you, not just during the life of this contract, including the two-tier wage disparity, blatant contract violation, slow-rolling grievances, forcing arbitrations, and elements of management who disrespect you as a valued employee. Less than two years from now we will be in negotiations for a new contract. We must address all these issues. While the commercial side of the company business is in dire shape, we, in the defense group, continue to deliver huge profits. Never forget. Our time is fast-approaching. Meanwhile, let’s continue to show Boeing that we are their most valuable asset.

NOTE:  District Shop Steward, Safety, and Committee meetings resume in July, with appropriate safety protocols in place.             

In Solidarity,

Earl Schuessler, PDBR  IAM District 837