Boeing SpeedFact

Boeing Brothers and Sisters,

The Union was notified by Boeing over the weekend of a flier circulating on the shop floor regarding a possible work stoppage that would take place this week by some of our members in protest of the recent vaccine mandate.  I want to be very clear in my message, the Union strongly encourages the membership Not to Participate in this activity.  By interception of this flier, the Company has been made aware of the intent of those who participate.  Article 20 Section 1 of the collective bargaining agreement states:

A. There shall be no slowdowns, picketing, boycotts, cessation of work, strikes, interference with the business of the Company or other disruptive activities by employees or the Union during the terms of this agreement, and no lockouts by the Company.

B. Any employee violating this provision shall be subject to whatever disciplinary action may be warranted.

We know the vaccine mandate announced by Boeing on October 12th is an extremely divisive issue for our members. Some of our members are being placed in an untenable position where they must choose between their beliefs or their jobs.

We are absolutely opposed to the way this mandate is being implemented because of the position it puts our members in. We want to be clear; we are fighting for contractual rights to protect our members’ jobs. We must advocate for all our members; those that will not become vaccinated along with members who will get vaccinated.  No matter a member’s opinion on this issue, we must stand and protect our members’ jobs as best we can. We are looking at all options as we move through Effects bargaining.

The Company has communicated that it intends to release members who do not comply with the vaccine mandate. This could mean members would be terminated without rights, without layoff status or any right to return. This is not acceptable, and we will engage on this subject in Effects bargaining.

While the law regarding vaccine mandates is being debated by both sides of the issue.  The law is clear, employers cannot implement a vaccine requirement without bargaining the effects of their decision. We have demanded to bargain and will begin meeting with Boeing Thursday (10/21/21) to start the process. We will share results that come from Effects bargaining when we can.

There are additional avenues that you can choose: filling out and submitting the “religious” and “medical” accommodations forms.  Again, I’m not here to lie to you, tell you everything is going to be alright, and the Union can stop this mandate.  Our only viable avenue at this point is the Effects bargaining. 

In closing, I have always been fair and truthful with the membership, and I know there are some who are upset when I say we are limited on what we can do to stop this mandate.  So, if you are looking for me to lie, mislead and give you empty promises about stopping the vaccine requirement, I will not do that to the membership. 

In Solidarity,

Tom Boelling

President/Directing Business Representative