Contract Vote Information

August 2, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There will be “1” vote tomorrow which is to either Accept or Reject.  If it is accepted, we go back to work.  If it is rejected, then the strike will begin at 12:01am Thursday, August 4th.

Here is the work schedule for Wednesday, August 3rd:• 3rd shift – Business as usual.• 2nd shift – Business as usual.• 1st shift – Come in as normal, clock out to go vote, then either return to work or go home, or an “O” day, vacation, or sick day.

The “Contract” vote will be held at:

The Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, Saint Charles, MO  63303

Doors open at 9am and meeting starts promptly at 10am!

Please arrive early to allow ample time to park and check-in.

All Stewards, Safety and Committee Members will need to report by 8am.

This is updated information from The Family Arena:

No tents, grills or bringing/drinking alcoholic beverages will be permitted prior to or after this event.

Any person in violation of event rules will be escorted off the Arena property.

We must be off their property within 1 hour after the meeting is over

as they have another event to setup after ours.


Tom Boelling


Business Representative