Our members have many questions during this Covid-19 pandemic. Things have changed rapidly at each company, sometimes hourly. We will do our best to answer questions as soon as we have information available. Check back often. This page will be updated.

Q: What is the Company doing to clean my work area?

A: Right now… Not enough. The company has not done enough to protect our members at this time. Keep pressing company management to provide proper cleaning supplies. Please continue to wash your hands regularly and use best practices while at work and at home.

Q: What if I need to take time off work because my kids are home from school?

A: The union has secured the right for members to use sick and vacation time in tenths of an hour at this time. The attendance policy has also been relaxed for members that need to stay home from work. If you need to stay home for any reason other than being sent home you will not be paid. If you plan on staying home please speak with a shop steward or plant chairman before doing so to make sure everything is in order.

Q: If I am told to stay home from work because of a Covid-19 related issue will I be paid?

A: If the company sends you home because verified Covid-19 issue you will be paid.

Q: What happens if the company closes for any length of time during this pandemic?

A: You will be paid for a site wide shut down for up to 10 working days. Anything over that amount of time members will be unpaid unless employee uses personal sick or vacation time.

Q: Has anyone at the Boeing St. Louis or GKN tested positive for Covid-19?

A: There has been two confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the Boeing Company. The first case is a DCMA employee in St. Charles that has been isolated from work environment. The second case was an individual who was telecommuting during the contact period and had no close contact with any other Boeing employees.

Q: If I have already been off work for 14-days paid due to a company directed quarantine and have returned to work, will I be eligible to receive pay if the site shuts down?

A: Yes

Q: What if we do not have cleaning products available in our work area?

A: Currently cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer and wipes are scarce nationwide. There are some available through out the sites. Please continue to ask company management if these items are available for use. In the meantime please be sure to thoroughly wash hands for 20+ seconds with antimicrobial soap and warm water. Contact manager if these are not available as well.