Get your #VoteNoOnPropA Bumper Stickers and Yard Signs TODAY!

Stop by the hall and get your bumper stickers and yard signs at the 837 District office. Come in today, the stickers and signs are going fast! While you are there sign a pledge to vote no on prop A on August 7th 2018. A reminder card will be sent to you before the August 7th vote.


Brothers and Sisters,

I am very proud of our members! We have seen a robust involvement in the Vote No On Prop A campaign. As of today our members have placed over 1000 yard signs. We are getting the message out in our communities. We have the momentum with only 6 weeks left in this very important vote. Let’s keep our foot on the gas and bring home a winner for Missouri’s working families. Make sure you are registered to vote and be ready for the fight August 7th!

Earl Schuessler