(GKN)Safety First

Dear “Essential” Machinist Member,

We continue to see progress being made with regard to the company providing adequate safety supplies, however, your union continues to press for more improvements. I am frustrated by the company’s refusal to relax attendance and LOA guidelines and its practice of forcing employees to quarantine without pay or forced to use available PTO.

Common sense dictates that employees should not have to choose between potentially exposing coworkers and getting a paycheck. It ‘s already stressful enough to be forced to be working in a potentially unsafe environment because of strict attendance and LOA rules. The fact is, the company can do better and we will continue to press leadership to do more during these unprecedented times.

An important part of our safety at work is our responsibility as well. Everyone should be adhering to safety guidelines with no exception. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be putting your safety and that of your coworkers first in everything you do. Your safety is more important than any delivery schedule . Any employee lacking necessary PPE should notify your manager immediately. Contact your union steward and or safety person if you are asked to work outside of the safety guidelines.

Contract Survey Reminder:

April 30, 2020, is the deadline to  turn in the contract survey. It’s important for every member to take the time to be a part of our bargaining process. Negotiations will be here soon.

In Solidarity,

Earl Schuessler, IAM837 PDBR