Strike Duties SpeedFact


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The expiration of the current contract is rapidly approaching. Your Bargaining Committee has been formulating our Union proposals and negotiations are underway.

         While it is still too early to tell how the final proposal will look, we are preparing for the worst. It takes many weeks of preparation to ensure that picket lines are properly staffed, the various committees (Security, Check-in, etc…) are identified, and everyone knows the procedures that will be used in the event that the Company forces us to reject their contract offer. The Strike Committee is responsible for ensuring these activities are coordinated and in place. If for some reason you cannot physically stand/walk picket for 4 hours, contact your Plant Chairman for other duties available. Be aware non-picket duty positions are 8 hours.

         To that end, the District needs each of you to complete the bottom portion of this Speed Fact and return it to your Shop Steward as quickly as possible. The information you provide will be used to update your home address and phone numbers and to begin the process of assigning picket duties. Per your IAM Constitution, members are required to work strike duties during a strike in order to receive International or District Strike Pay. The District has determined that a 4-hour picket duty one time a week will adequately man the gates where pickets will go up. In the form below, please complete all lines and indicate your first and second choice for picket duty. The assignment of duties will be on a first-come first-served basis so get this form back to your Steward right away. The duty roster will then be created. Once a particular day/time is filled, that slot will be closed, and we will attempt to give you your second choice. If your first and second choice slots are filled, we will try to assign a time similar to the one you requested. When the picket roster is completed, the Shop Stewards will be given the information to take back to the members as notification of your particular duties. There are a few positions available for St. Clair, Please check box below.

Thank you for your continued support. The Bargaining Committee fully recognizes the fact that it is the solidarity and support from each of you that enables a successful completion to the negotiating process. Must return by Friday, July 8, 2022. If not returned by 07/08/22, you will be assigned appropriately.

Name___________________________________ Building # ____________Clock Number ____________
Address________________________________City ________________State ____ZIP __________
Phone #________________________________
E-mail_________________________________________ Shop Steward________________________________
Indicate 1st and 2nd choice for picket duty by placing a 1 and a 2 in your choices                 St, Clair
MIDNIGHT – 4 AM       
NOON – 4PM       
4PM – 8PM       
8PM – MIDNIGHT       
RECEIVED:   Date: ___________ Time: ___________ Shop Steward Use Only  

                                                                                                In Solidarity,

                                                                                             Thomas Boelling

                                                                                             President/Directing Business Representative