Volunteers needed for Day of Action May 12 to defeat RTW (Prop. A)

Canvassers will focus on education about Prop. A, voter registration to union members


The Missouri AFL-CIO is holding a Statewide Day of Action on Saturday, May 12, knocking on union members’ doors to talk about Proposition A (“right-to-work”) and help members make sure all their family members are registered to Vote NO on Prop. A.

“To beat Prop A and the so-called ‘right-to-work,’ we need to make sure we are talking to our family members about the dangers of ‘right-to-work’ and that all of our family members are registered and ready to Vote NO on Prop A,” said Merri Berry, campaigns manager and political director at the Missouri AFL-CIO.

“We have pretty good rates of voter registration when it comes to union members,” Berry said, “but that’s not enough to win the election. We need to make sure that our spouses and partners, kids, grandkids and any other voter in our households know the effects of Prop A.”


Prop. A (RTW) will do nothing to create jobs and will lead to lower wages and workplace safety.

So-called RTW attacks the freedom of working people to join together to negotiate a fair return on their work by banning union represented businesses from negotiating labor contracts that assure workers will either pay dues or a smaller “fair share” fee to cover the union’s costs of bargaining and representation.

The goal is to financially starve unions – which under federal law must represent all workers covered by the contract whether they are dues-paying members or not – and by doing so, limit the union’s ability to negotiate for and represent workers.

“It’s important that our families know Proposition A is not what it seems,” Berry said. “Don’t trust it.”

It weakens unions, forces Missouri workers to accept lower wages and benefits, and broadens the gap between working families and wealthy CEOs.

“Proposition A will drive down wages for Missouri families, making it harder to make ends meet,” Berry said. “We need to protect our pay and vote no on Proposition A.”


On the May 12 Day of Action, Berry said, staging locations have been established in eight locations across Missouri (see chart at below).

Volunteers will fan out from staging locations in St. Louis, St. Charles, Wentzville, Bridgeton, Festus, Cape Girardeau, Springfield and Pleasant Valley.

Each location will have two time slots available for volunteers:

• 9:30 a.m. – noon, and

• 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. 

“The need for volunteers is critical,” Berry said. “You can make huge difference and really help us beat Prop. A by giving up just two-and-a-half hours talking with other union members.”

To volunteer, RSVP on the Missouri AFL-CIO’s website at moaflcio.org\dayofaction.

Staging locations for May 12 Day of Action to defeat Proposition A (RTW)

Volunteers are critically needed to educate union members and their families about the dangers of Proposition A (“right-to-work”) and make sure union members and their families are registered to Vote NO on Prop. A.

To volunteer for one of the following locations, RSVP on the Missouri AFL-CIO’s website at moaflcio.org\dayofaction.