Earl Schuessler

President Directing Business Representative

Earl began his service with the IAM in 1987 soon after hiring into McDonnell Douglas/Boeing as a Sheet Metal Assembler & Riveter. He recognized the sacrifices the men and women of the district had made in the years before he joined and wanted to find a way to pay respect to those outstanding Trade Unionists. Earl went through three lay-offs and knows first hand the devastating effects that loss of employment has on a member and his or her family. He wanted to find a way to help stop the loss of jobs and keep his Sisters and Brothers working.

To that end, Earl began seeking opportunities to serve and held several positions in Local Lodge 837A. He spent one year as the Lodge Recording Secretary, a year as the Vice-President, and five years as the Lodge President. While helping the Local Lodge grow, Earl became a Safetyman in the shop. In 1995 Earl was elected to serve as a Union Steward in the plant on 2nd Shift.

In 2001, Earl was elected to serve the membership as one of the Plant Chairmen and spent the several years working with the members, Stewards, and District Officers to ensure the negotiated Contract with Boeing is adhered to. Earl became a Business Representative for District 837 in 2008. In 2019 Earl was elected as President Directing Business Representative. As part of his duties with the Local and District, Earl has been part of the 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2014 Negotiating Committees. His primary focus on those teams was to ensure the members received the best possible contract offer before the contract expired.

Earl graduated High School in 1984 at Westminster Christian Academy. He went on to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA for two years. Earl continued his education with the IAM by successfully completing Winpisinger Training in Labor Law, Leadership, and Collective Bargaining. Earl feels the education he received from the IAM is lessons to be shared in the shop and spends much of his time passing that education onto the membership at large.

Earl is married to Terri and they have five children. They live in St. Peters, MO.