Mike Lloyd

Business Representative

Mike Lloyd started work at McDonnell Douglas in Maintenance in 1979. In his 30+ years at Boeing, he has served as a Shop Steward for 12 years and was on the Missouri Council of Machinists for one term. In 2012, Mike was asked to take the position of Organizer. He has worked on several campaigns and has successfully organized D+S Apparel and the VSE Corporation in Hamel, IL.

Mike was born in St. Louis in March of 1956. He and his wife, Nickie, have been married for more than 36 years and the couple still lives here in St. Louis. Mike and Nickie have three children. Their son, Nick, is currently employed at GKN. Their daughters, Julie and Jamie, are twins and Julie works at Boeing. Mike has three grandchildren, Autumn, Brett and Cayden.

Mike and Nickie love spending time together and with their grandkids. Mike especially likes watching his grandchildren play sports.