Odie George

Plant Chairman

Brother Odie George completed his education in school district 189 of E. St. Louis and was fortunate enough to have attended both the district rival high schools. He played football as a running back and linebacker and was captain of the middle school team. He went on to graduate from E. Side High School in 1976. He received his Mechanical Drafting Certificate with over 1600 hrs. with State Community College E. St. Louis. His work history began as a Cable Linesman and Installer with TCI Cable Company, then School Bus Driver for the city of St. Louis, and Security with GER security of St. Charles MO. He has an A+ in Computers, Office Pro and Currently in Aviation Management. Odie has been a Mason for over 25 years in the Masonic Order of Masonry.

Brother George volunteered to enter the Army in 1978 and was stationed in Enterprise Alabama. His other assignments were to Dothan, AL, Ft. Benning, GA, and Eli, MN. He adopted Army training as a way of life. He started as a MP and transitioned into aviation as a Utility Helicopter Mechanic on the Huey helicopters. He received and accepted an assignment to Ft. Eustis for Black Hawk Training for the transition to the new helicopters that the Army purchased, and became one of the first Black Hawk technicians. He went on to receive assignments at Scott Air Force Base with the 219th & 281st helicopter units until its closing. Odie became a Sargent, M-60 qualified in the Black Hawk, qualified as Expert in the .38, .45, Grenade, and as Marksman in the M-16. While serving, he attained multiple Letters of Accommodations, VIP Driver, BNOC, ANOC, Good Conduct Medal, and his Aircraft Crewman Badge. He was Honorably Discharged with 13 years of service.

Odie joined McDonnell Douglas in September of 1987 as a (MAP) on the Harrier program. He built up the nose landing gear for over a 140 aircraft. He moved to the F-18 program, final assembly in building 2. He was later assigned to the T-45 program working on fuselage installations and inspection before delivery to final assembly. He moved to the F-15 program until receiving an assignment to the Long Beach plant where he worked on the MD-11 program.

When Brother George returned to St. Louis, there were several layoff periods at McDonnell Douglas. Upon call back, Brother George started his involvement in the Union. He became a HPWO Team Leader and was nominated for the Illinois State Council of Machinists Delegate position. He has a tremendous interest in Human Rights, and was sent to the WWW Education Technology Center for the IAMAW for the Human Rights Committee training and is currently the Chairman of the Minority Issue Group. In 2015, he was voted in as a District Delegate for A lodge, and was put on the District Bylaws Committee. He has remained active as a CBTU Member, was a Safetyman and won the position of Plant Chairman for Boeing members. He has also taken the position as the Veterans Representative for the Veterans Task Force for the District and has now been with Boeing for 27 years.

Brother George and his beautiful wife Christine, enjoy traveling and spending time with their grandchildren. Odie and Christine have 2 daughters and 5 sons collectively. Together they have 11 grandchildren and they enjoy time together at home, camping, or during family outings such as Six Flags. Odie loves billiards. He and Christine also enjoy darts and dominoes, but Odie is the Chess Master. They’re approaching their 10th anniversary and the best thing by far is that Christine keeps him humble and mindful that knowledge lights the way. They reside in a comfortable home in Belleville, Illinois.