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Want Better Benefits??

Need to be Treated Fairly???

Contact the Machinist Union!

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The IAM believes that the Union is more than just a group of people working together for an employer. It is a second family that sticks together when times are tough and celebrates together during times of victory. Membership in IAM represented shops have helped tens of thousands purchase new homes with the new buying power that comes with increased wages. Many more have sent their kids to college on the wages earned and quite a few have even went back to finish college themselves. Millions of Retired Americans are living out their life’s dreams thanks to negotiated retirement benefits and retiree medical plans gained in active participation in the IAM.

And every day, in every state, you can find thousands of IAM volunteers raising money for those less fortunate than themselves. The IAM CARES. Not just about the membership, but about all Americans. That is why, whenever natural disasters strike, you can almost always find a Unionized worker or workers pitching in to help out. In the IAM, we understand we are only as good as we treat those around us who are in need of assistance.

       So what does it take to become an IAM represented employee? There are many steps required, but the first step is in you taking the time to contact an IAM Representative trained in Organizing the Unorganized. You can make a start by calling John Fitts at 636-443-9492 or 314-731-0603 extension 106. John will discuss with you the importance of becoming an organized labor force and gather some initial information that could lead you and your co-workers to better pay, better benefits, and a better life.

YOU can receive $50 IF you…

Turn in a properly filled out “Organizing Lead Form” and the following occurs;
1.    Your lead results in a face to face meeting with at least 3 employees.
2.    Your lead is an employer who is not now nor recently involved in an active organizing campaign
3.    Your lead results in all 3 or more employees signing the meeting roster and accepting the informational material.

YOU can receive an additional $100 IF…

Your lead results in an active campaign which requires the following to occur;
1.    Your lead signs the “Authorization Petition” as do at least 2 other employees.
2.    Your lead gathers the required information to keep the campaign active (names, addresses of other employees, benefits info/books, company handbook, etc.
3.    Your lead becomes an active campaign and assists in building the “in-plant” committee.

YOU can receive an additional $200 PLUS an IAM Jacket IF…

Your lead results in an active and ongoing campaign where 65% of the employees sign the authorization petition, an election is filed for and the employees seek the IAM as their collective bargaining agent. A win at the election is NOT required but hopeful.
Qualifications to Participate;
Only members considered in good standing, active and retired, may participate in this incentive program. District employees and staff are NOT eligible for the incentives but are encouraged to remain involved throughout the campaign.

For more information or to get any required paperwork, contact Business Representative John Fitts at (636)443-9492 or contact the District 837 office at (314) 731-0603 ext 106.

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IAM District 837

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