The Retiree Club meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM. The club meets at the Meeting Hall at 212 Utz Lane (Union Hall).

The Retirees Club of District 837 is one of the largest and most active retiree clubs in the IAM. The purpose of this page is to give you contact information and to post photos of the Retiree Club Meeting speakers and members.


The President of District 837’s Retiree Club is Jim Randl.

Jim is 69 years old and has been a member of the IAMAW for fifty years. He hired in at

McDonnell Douglas Aircraft in 1968 as a Precision Tool and Cutter Grinder and worked in this

capacity until September of 1969 when he left to serve in the United States Army. Jim served in

the Army as a Military Policeman until March 1972.


Upon his return to McDonnell Douglas in June 1972, Jim became involved with IAMAW

District 837 Union activities. Over the next 32 years, until his retirement from Boeing in

2001, Jim has served in many Union jobs: Shop Steward, Safety Man, fill in Plant Chairman,

Saint Louis Labor Council Delegate, Delegate to four Grand Lodge Conventions, Local Lodge B

Conductor, District 837 District Delegate, District 837 Trustee, Chairman of District 837

Community Service Committee, Local Lodge B Vice President and Local Lodge B President.


In 2001, District 837 Retiree Club President Claude Barnes appointed Jim Vice President of the

Retiree Club.  He remained in the position until the passing of Brother Barnes in September of

2018. In October 2018, the Retiree Club membership elected Jim to be President of the District

837 Retiree Club.


Jim’s wife Cindy shares his passion for raising money for the Guide Dogs of America, serving

and assisting the members of District 837 Retiree Club, and promoting Retiree isssues through

their membership in The Alliance of Retired Americans Organization.