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Reasons to Reject the Contract

July 18, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

ELIMINATION OF TIER 2 MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT AN INCREASE TO WAGE PROGRESSION RATE• No improvement to the wage progression rate. Remains at $0.50/hr. twice a year.o The current wage progression rate means on average it would take 23 years to reach the rate range maximum. o Company rejected multiple Union proposals addressing wage progression rates. o Company rejected Unions proposal of zoom to the top of scale after 8 years from hire date.

GENERAL WAGE INCREASES COMPANY MISSES THE TARGET!• Year 1 of the contracto $1.50/hr. for those at the top of the rate o $2.00/hr. for those not at the top of the rate.• Year 2 & 3 of the contract 3% GWI• Inflation has increased to 9.1% in the last year• Those at the top of scale received 0% GWI in the previous 7 ½ years.• Those below the top of scale received only 6% GWI in the previous 7 ½ years.• WE DESERVE MORE!

Company rejected all proposals to a pension (Defined Benefit Plan)!  The Company is asking you to take increased responsibility of funding your retirement with the elimination of the Company automatic contribution into your 401K. (THIS IS A COMPANY PROPOSED TAKE AWAY!)

The “Contract” vote is Sunday, July 24th

Held at:

The Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, Saint Charles, MO  63303

Doors open at 9am and meeting starts promptly at 10am!

Please arrive early to allow ample time to park and check-in.



          Tom Boelling          Chris Albin      John Fitts

           Mike Briggs             Mike Craig          Bob Fritz  

           Larry Hunter           Leo Jones             Bryce Kelly

           Jason Miles            Chad Stevenson