IAM Committee on the Future.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, is holding in person talks in 30 cities across the United States and Canada, with rank and file members about our union. Brother Frank Maniaci, Leo Jones, Sister Veronica Randal and Joshua Arnold attended the St. Louis event to speak with the committee at the District 9 building on St. Charles Rock road. The discussion was attended by delegations from across the St. Louis area. Our goal was and is to build and grow our union in a way that serves our members and supports the broader International Labor movement. Employers will […]

2023 Legislative Conference

District 837 sent a delegation of 10 members to the 2023 Legislative Conference in Washington DC. Every year, your District 837 sends a delegation to the IAM Legislative Conference in Washington DC. Your union siblings, meet with politicians across the political spectrum to speak about issues that affect you, and the working class as a whole, however, most of all, we advocate for you, the member. The monied interests have their lobbyists, but you have your union fighting and lobbying for you on capitol hill. Never forget that our union is our voice and through our union we have power. […]

B-Lodge Shirt Sale

The B-Lodge Executive Board has voted to sell the existing inventory of B-lodge union shirts for $5 per shirt while existing inventories last. This only applies to the old shirts that will be replaced by the new designs that are being ordered. This sale does not apply to A-lodge merchandise or to District merchandise. To purchase a shirt, contact a B-Lodge Trustee or you can purchase your shirt at the next B-Lodge union meeting on the 12th of August. In solidarity.

Boeing Contract SpeedFact

Reasons to Reject the Contract July 18, 2022 Dear Brothers and Sisters, ELIMINATION OF TIER 2 MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT AN INCREASE TO WAGE PROGRESSION RATE• No improvement to the wage progression rate. Remains at $0.50/hr. twice a year.o The current wage progression rate means on average it would take 23 years to reach the rate range maximum. o Company rejected multiple Union proposals addressing wage progression rates. o Company rejected Unions proposal of zoom to the top of scale after 8 years from hire date. GENERAL WAGE INCREASES COMPANY MISSES THE TARGET!• Year 1 of the contracto $1.50/hr. for those at the top of the rate o $2.00/hr. for those not at the top […]

December 2021 GDA Gun Raffle

Tickets are currently being sold for our Guide Dogs of America Gun Raffle. There will be 400 Tickets Sold. Please reach out to your Plant Chair or Steward if you would like to purchase a ticket. Day Firearm Price Ticket Number Winner 1 Heritage Rough Rider 134.99 302 TJ Marsh 2 Ruger SR22 377.99 050 Mike Craig 3 Savage 110 Apex 270 539.99 357 Kendrick Williams 4 Beretta A300 Outlander 719.99 265 Bob Alexander 5 Savage 93R17 251.99 311 John Tinnon 6 Heritage Rough Rider 22 Mag 161.99 003 Roger Hammett 7 Ruger LCP .380 215.99 141 Dennis Vlasak 8 […]

Follow IAM Addiction Services on Facebook

Earlier this year, the IAM launched the Addition Services Program to help find help for members and their families who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. With the launch of their Facebook page, the program now has a social media presence.   Please give the IAM Addiction Services Facebook page a like and share it with your friends to spread the word about this useful benefit for Machinists Union members. IAM Addiction Services include assessment, placement into a treatment facility, follow up and aftercare. These services are available to all dues-paying IAM members and their eligible family members. Assistant […]

IAM Members Continue Fight to End Government Shutdown

IAM members all across the nation are engaged in the battle to end the longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history. IAM members several other unions recently held a rally  at the Nationals Park in Washington, DC where Senate Republicans were gathered for a retreat instead of voting on a House bill to reopen the government. Members gathered at the rally demanding  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to immediately call a Senate vote to end the shutdown. “Tell Mitch McConnell that enough is enough,” NFFE-IAM Federal District 1 President/Directing Business Representative Randy Erwin told the crowd. “Every member of the […]

IAM Machinists On Strike Against ULA

Strike Line Cape Canaveral, FL The first day of a strike always garners a lot of attention; from the media, the community and even union members. But it’s the second day that separates the real heroes. Day two makes it clear who is willing to talk about change and who is willing to fight for it. Strike Line Decatur, AL     “Our members have delivered the reliability and experience that has helped United Launch Alliance create a world-class U.S. space program,” said Machinists Union International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The Machinists Union members at ULA connect the world with our […]