LMI Aerospace Workers in St. Louis File for Election to Join Machinists Union

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to represent approximately 50 LMI Aerospace employees in St. Louis.LMI Aerospace supplies structural assemblies, kits, and components for aircraft. They provide design engineering services to the commercial, business, regional, and defense aerospace markets, supporting aircraft product lifecycles from design to fleet support.READ: St. Charles LMI Aerospace workers to hold union election St. Louis Post-Dispatch“Aerospace workers see the value in having a stronger voice in their workplace,” said IAM District 837 Business Representative and Organizer Dan Forbes. “They are machinists and […]

Updated Contract Information

August 16, 2022 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Below we’ve listed some items that have been completed for the new Contract. The $8000 signing bonus will be given as a separate check on September 8, 2022.  For those wishing to defer all or a portion of the bonus to your 401k, a one-week window will be available August 26 – September 1st for you to make your election if you so choose. Rate increases for those employees under new rate minimum. COLA fold-in for all employees. $2 increase for all employees. Adjustment of the second shift differential to $1. Team Lead […]

Contract Vote Information

August 2, 2022 Dear Brothers and Sisters, There will be “1” vote tomorrow which is to either Accept or Reject.  If it is accepted, we go back to work.  If it is rejected, then the strike will begin at 12:01am Thursday, August 4th. Here is the work schedule for Wednesday, August 3rd:• 3rd shift – Business as usual.• 2nd shift – Business as usual.• 1st shift – Come in as normal, clock out to go vote, then either return to work or go home, or an “O” day, vacation, or sick day. The “Contract” vote will be held at: The Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, Saint Charles, MO  63303 Doors open at 9am and meeting starts promptly at 10am! […]

2,500 St. Louis Machinists Union Members to Strike Boeing Aug. 1 

Nearly 2,500 members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) District 837 have voted to strike the Boeing Co. in St. Louis. IAM District 837, which represents workers at three Boeing Defense locations, released the following statement regarding the rejection of the company’s offer: “Our members have spoken loudly and with one voice. We reject Boeing’s current contract offer and will strike at all three St. Louis area locations, starting at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 1, 2022. We cannot accept a contract that is not fair and equitable, as this company continues to make billions of dollars each year off the […]

Bargaining Committee Stands Firm on Recommendation to Reject New Boeing Offer

July 22, 2022 Jody Bennett and Tom Boelling International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Chief of Staff and President-Directing Business Representative of District Lodge 837 Dear Messrs. Bennett and Boelling: The company presents the following modifications to the offer presented to you on July 15, 2022 as follows:  Year 1 Wage adjustment of $2/Hr for all employees (average increase of 7.2%)  Year 2 GWI increase from 3% to 4%  Auto Wage Progression increased from $.50 to $.65  $1,000 Cash Ratification Bonus if contract ratified on July 24, 2022  100% match on the first 10% […]

Contract Vote Reminder

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In preparation for the upcoming contract vote this Sunday July 24th, we want the membership to understand why we recommend rejecting the Company’s “best and final offer”. The Company’s initial proposals were rock bottom and borderline insulting.  After weeks of bargaining and hard work from your Negotiating Committee, the Company’s last offer still falls short of what you deserve! Your Negotiating Committee proposed GWI’s (general wage increase), Wage progression, and Retirement gains that reflect a fair and equitable contract. The company has offered subpar GWI’s, no change in wage progression, and take aways in the 401k. […]

District 837 Recommends Rejection of Boeing Defense Labor Contract in St. Louis, Setting Stage for Potential Strike

Nearly 2,500 members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) District 837 working at three separate Boeing defense locations in the St. Louis area could be forced to strike following a Sunday, July 24 membership vote on the “last, best, and final” contract offer from the Boeing Co. The major areas of contention are wage increases, auto progression rates, and 401(k) gains. The contract is set to expire on Monday, July 25 at 12:01 a.m. CT. A seven-day waiting period stipulated in the current contract means IAM members would begin picketing on Monday, Aug. 1, if they […]

District 837 Kicks Off Critical Negotiations with Boeing Defense

Approximately 2,500 members of IAM District 837 opened contract negotiations on July 6, 2022, with Boeing Defense. IAM members are spread throughout Boeing facilities in St. Charles, MO, St. Louis, and Mascoutah, IL. These highly skilled members fabricate, assemble and build some of the world’s most advanced military and passenger aircraft and missiles. The negotiating team will be discussing wages, healthcare, retirement, job, and income security. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these workers were declared essential and did their part to protect this country. “Our goal is to emerge from these talks with a contract that is both fair and equitable,” […]

Strike Duties SpeedFact

SIGN UP FOR STRIKE DUTIES Dear Brothers and Sisters, The expiration of the current contract is rapidly approaching. Your Bargaining Committee has been formulating our Union proposals and negotiations are underway.          While it is still too early to tell how the final proposal will look, we are preparing for the worst. It takes many weeks of preparation to ensure that picket lines are properly staffed, the various committees (Security, Check-in, etc…) are identified, and everyone knows the procedures that will be used in the event that the Company forces us to reject their contract offer. The Strike Committee is […]

Boeing Strike Sanction SpeedFact

Strike Sanction Vote Participation June 27, 2022 Dear Brothers and Sisters, The “Strike Sanction” vote that was held on Saturday, June 25th was a HUGE success!!  Your votes returned a 99% “strike approval” which is outstanding. It was great seeing you all there and to witness what true Union solidarity looks like.  Your dedication shows the Company and our Community, without a doubt, the strength of being a Union member!!! With that said, your participation in the upcoming “Contract” vote on Sunday, July 24th will be even more important, so we ask that you please plan on being there.  We […]

SpeedFacts Boeing Strike Strike Sanction Vote

    Strike Sanction Vote Meeting is…Saturday, June 25, 2022            When is the Strike Sanction Meeting?                The strike sanction vote will be on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at       “The Family Arena” located at: 2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles, MO 63303 “ENTER THROUGH GATE 2” Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. and the meeting will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. ALL SHOP STEWARDS, SAFETY & ASSIGNED COMMITTEE WORKERS WILL REPORT AT 8AM!!! Do we get excused from work to attend the Strike Sanction Meeting? The Company has verbally committed to NO mandatory OT on Saturday, June 25th to […]

Boeing Contract SpeedFact

Brothers and Sisters, As we finish the first few days of non-economics, we have made progress in Job Specs and Contract Language. However, we have a long way to go in securing an acceptable contract. Stay united in the fight for our contract and our future. The Strike Sanction vote is next Saturday at the Family Arena. I cannot stress enough the importance of this vote! We need all our members in attendance to send a strong united message to the company. If you have not received a text blast as of yesterday, please fill out another card. Strike Sanction […]

Reps. Bush, Cleaver Seek Answers to Stop GKN Aerospace Plant Closure

WASHINGTON, June 1, 2022 – U.S. Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) are asking GKN Aerospace CEO David Paja and GKN President of Defense Shawn Black for answers and requesting their support and assistance in saving approximately 1,000 family-sustaining jobs at GKN Aerospace in Hazelwood, Mo. “The recent announcement that the facility would close next year came as a surprise for our local community, particularly given the risk of losing hundreds of good-paying jobs in the process,” write Reps. Bush and Cleaver in a letter to GKN leadership. “Given the impact, this would have on families and our economy, our top priority is to see […]

Boeing Contract Update

May 25, 2022 Dear Brothers and Sisters, The “Bargaining Committee” will be finishing our “Non-Economic” proposals this Friday, May 27th in preparation for the start of “Non-Economic” bargaining with the Company on June 14th. In addition, the “Bargaining Committee” will start meeting again in the next couple of weeks to put together our “Economic” proposals for the Company.  We have received the results of the last survey and based on those survey’s; the membership’s focus has not changed on what it will take to get an “ACCEPTED” contract.  We appreciate ALL of your suggestions and comments concerning the contract.  As […]

Today, the IAM Celebrates 134 Years of Fighting for Working Families

Sisters and Brothers, Today, we celebrate the 134th anniversary of our great union. In 1888, 19 Machinists met secretly in a locomotive pit in Atlanta declaring themselves “The Order of United Machinist and Mechanical Engineers.” A year later, 40 local lodges were established, and in 1889, the first Machinists Union Convention was held at the state capital in Atlanta, with 34 locals represented. Our 40th Grand Lodge Convention will be represented by more than 800 locals this October. Our founders would be proud of how our union has grown, both in size and diversity, as Machinists Union members now work in […]

2022 April Gun Raffle

Date Firearm Value Ticket # Winner 1 Kimber Hunter Pro 6.5 $882.49 179 Rick Underwood 2 Heritage Rough Rider w/22 mag $176.49 240 Dennis Williams 3 Henery Lever Action $362.79 349 Kenny Krolik 4 S&W M&P Shield 2.0 $490.27 220 Brian Lewis 5 S&W M&P 15 Sport $784.43 120 James Stewart 6 Savage Mark IIF $225.52 326 Joe Eccardt 7 Henry Golden Boy .22 $519.68 154 Zak Bernhoester 8 Ruger LCP .380 $254.93 002 Larry Young 9 Remington 870 $441.24 178 Craig Bowen 10 Tikka T3X Lite $666.76 212 Mike Sewell 11 Ruger EC9 $274.54 048 Dwight Terry 12 Beretta […]

Boeing Contract Informational Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Your Bargaining Committee has scheduled the following “Informational Meetings” for Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 7:00am, 1:00pm and 3:15pm to be held at the Union Hall, 212 Utz Ln Hazelwood, MO 63042.  We are currently working on Non-Economic (contract language) issues and will go over some of our proposals and explain their significance. We will also touch on what takes place in the event of a “work stoppage” (strike) and the process that makes it work, which is YOU!!! Finally, please take time to fill out and turn in the latest survey (it matters!!). Fraternally, Tom […]

GKN Tentative Effects Bargaining Agreement

Dear Sisters and Brothers, The Union and Company have finished Effects Bargaining negotiations and have a Tentative Effects Bargaining Agreement subject to ratification. • Copies of the Agreement will be released on the floor beginning of 3rd shift on Sunday, March 27, 2022, continuing to 1st and 2nd shifts. Copies will be available from your Union Stewards. There will be no early release of the proposal.• We will present the Agreement for a membership vote over three (3) separate meetings.• Only full dues-paying Union members in good standing will be allowed to attend these meetings. Please bring your identification or […]

A Girl, A Scholarship And A Dream

As Rachel Steele prepares to earn her doctorate in 2022, she looks back on how much an IAM scholarship meant to her back in 2003. Her father, Thomas Steele, was working for Boeing that year and she was featured in the IAM Journal as one of several scholarship winners.  The younger Steele feels the timing of her PhD candidacy, her dad’s retirement and the current call for scholarship applicants is special. She says her father ”worked tirelessly when we were growing up. He had to travel a lot, so he wasn’t always home and now as an adult, I realize […]

GKN Speed Facts

Dear GKN Brothers and Sisters, The Union recently made a request of GKN Aerospace to allow those of our members wishing to leave work early on December 23, 2021, to waive the charging of attendance points on this day.  The Company responded to the Union’s request with a firm “no”, they would not be able to meet the Union’s request at this time. It is disappointing to the Union that the Company refused to accommodate this modest request during the holiday season as you have diligently reported to work throughout the ongoing pandemic. District offices will be closed December 24, […]

Boeing Speed Facts

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Company has agreed to allow employees to leave early from work on Thursday,  December 23, 2021, without any charge to your attendance; provided you arrive at work on time and remain at work for at least four (4) hours.  All other absences will be counted as usual under the Attendance Policy. District offices will be closed December 24, 2021, through January 3, 2022, returning to business as usual, Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Enjoy you Union negotiated holiday break with family and friends and please be safe. On behalf of your Business Representatives, Plant Chairmen, and […]

Boeing Speed Fact

Dear Brothers and Sisters:                                                                                            November 15, 2021      The Union and Company met again on Friday 11/12/2021 to discuss the vaccine mandate and the effects it will have on our membership. As I have said all along this is a fluid situation and changes/updates are continuously being made by the administration and the Company. We feel some of the changes made are a positive step to keep our membership employed and safe while we work through this process. We are hearing of members who received their accommodations and are hopeful everyone who has requested an accommodation is approved. We […]

Boeing SpeedFact

Dear Brothers and Sisters:                                          November 01, 2021      These have certainly been some of the toughest times for our members, as we have all been impacted by the COVID pandemic. First and foremost, we are continuing to engage in effects bargaining with The Boeing Company. We are not close to reaching an agreement and will continue to schedule meetings in the future. It is important for us to communicate today, as we understand the anxiety and stress this vaccine mandate has caused for our members. We want to encourage members that are considering submission of a medical or religious exemption […]

Boeing SpeedFact

Boeing Brothers and Sisters, The Union was notified by Boeing over the weekend of a flier circulating on the shop floor regarding a possible work stoppage that would take place this week by some of our members in protest of the recent vaccine mandate.  I want to be very clear in my message, the Union strongly encourages the membership Not to Participate in this activity.  By interception of this flier, the Company has been made aware of the intent of those who participate.  Article 20 Section 1 of the collective bargaining agreement states: A. There shall be no slowdowns, picketing, […]

Boeing Speed Fact

Brothers and Sisters, We were officially notified yesterday (October 12, 2021) that Boeing would be moving forward with a vaccine mandate in line with Executive Order 14042 and President’s Biden’s COVID-19 action plan. The Company announced they will require all U.S. based Boeing employees to either show proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or have an approved reasonable accommodation (based on a medical or religious belief) in place by Dec. 8, 2021. This morning we demanded to bargain the effects of this decision. The Executive Order includes the ability to request religious and medical exemptions for those unable or […]

District Picnic

District 837 Picnic Saturday, September 18, 2021 11am – 5pm Aerospace District Lodge (212 Utz Lane) Beverages served from 11am to 5pm (For Beer – must be 21, must have ID)   (Will CARD!!!) Food served from 12pm till 3pm (NO carry outs) Horseshoes available Snow Cones – Popcorn  Dunking Booth Kids Activities include: Pony Rides and Petting Zoo, Arm Painting, Clowns, Bag Toss and Balloon Twister, ,                                Tournament: Coed Washers & Bag Toss *Attendance Prizes Will Be Drawn Throughout the Day*    Dunking Booth Proceeds to benefit “Guide Dogs of America” District 837 Local Lodge members and Retirees: Bring […]

IAM Free College Program Expands

In October 2017, the IAM started offering a free college program as a Machinist benefit, allowing IAM members and their families to earn an associate’s degree from Ohio’s Eastern Gateway Community College in various educational tracks. Now, the IAM has grown its free college program also to include Franklin University. To learn more about Franklin University’s Bachelor Completion Program, please click here.                                        The IAM’s free college program covers the costs of tuition, fees, books and any amount not covered by federal or employer education grants. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, with a high school diploma or a GED equivalent […]

Machinists Union Remembers Working Families Hero Richard Trumka

WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2021 – Robert Martinez Jr., International President of the 600,000-member International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), the largest aerospace and defense union in North America, released the following statement on the passing of AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka: “Today, workers across the world mourn the loss of a labor movement giant and working people’s champion, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. Rich revitalized the labor movement and stood toe-to-toe against any enemy standing in the way of dignity and justice on the job. He made life better for working people across our nation and the world. Our heart […]

Boeing Contact Update as of August 3, 2021

Recently, your Negotiating Committee completed their week-long Bargaining class in preparation for the Boeing contract negotiations that will happen next year. A major takeaway from this training is the importance of the role you, the membership, will play throughout the coming year. Your negotiating committee can only be as effective at the table as the membership’s solidarity is on the shop floor. We know that a majority of the membership have never been through a Boeing contact negotiation in St. Louis and therefore many may not know how the bargaining process is accomplished. Over the next year, your negotiating committee, […]

April GDA Gun Raffle Winners

FIREARM PRICE TICKET # WINNER RUGER AR-556 833.46 138 Peggy Flinn RUGER 10/22 CARBINE 392.21 037 Rick Stanfill SAVAGE 212 TURKEY 12GA 686.38 205 Dustin Goe RUGER SECURITY 9 343.18 276 Chris Myrick HERITAGE ROUGH RIDER 147.07 278 Dan Forbes BROWNING X-BOLT 784.43 368 Steve Bruce SAVAGE 110 TACTICAL 539.29 005 Joe Gruber WINCHESTER SXP HYBRID TURKEY 12GA 372.60 331 Joshua Geisler HENRY LEVER ACTION .22 343.18 264 Jim Marshall WINCHESTER SXP NWTF 12GA 441.24 369 Dan Bruce S&W M&P Sheild 372.60 165 Dennis Delmain Ruger Wrangler 196.10 203 Owen Moore Winchester SXP Defender 372.60 017 Larry Young Stoeger P3000 […]

GKN SpeedFacts

I.A.M.A.W. DISTRICT 837212 UTZ LANEHAZELWOOD, MO 63042(314) 731-0603 January 19, 2021 Sisters and Brothers,Your IAM Local 387 bargaining committee has been working hard to secure a contract offer from GKN Aerospace that meets the demands of our members. On Friday, the Company was not prepared to provide a final offer and requested more time to address the union’s proposals. Both parties agreed to a contract extension until midnight February 21, 2021 in order to continue working toward a successful agreement. If there is continued progress from the Company, your bargaining committee believes it’s better to bargain at the table rather […]

GKN SpeedFacts

I.A.M.A.W. DISTRICT 837212 UTZ LANEHAZELWOOD, MO 63042(314) 731-0603 January 08, 2021 SIGN UP FOR STRIKE DUTIES Dear Brothers and Sisters, The expiration of the current contract is rapidly approaching. Your Bargaining Committee has been formulating our Union proposals and negotiations are underway. Thank you for your continued support. The Bargaining Committee fully recognizes the fact that it is the solidarity and support from each of you that enables a successful completion to the negotiating process. Must return by Friday, January 15, 2021. If not returned by 01/15/21, you will be assigned appropriately. Name___________________________________ Building # _ Clock Number _Address________________________________ City […]

St. Louis Local 387 Opens GKN Negotiations

Unity and focus are critical when contract negotiations open, especially while coping with the coronavirus pandemic. Tuesday’s formal opening of negotiations between IAM Local 387 and GKN Aerospace showed how the union is adapting to the challenge head-on, with two members of the Executive Council in attendance. Local 387 is part of District 837 in the Midwest Territory and represents hundreds of workers at GKN Aerospace in St. Louis, MO. Skilled members craft, design and build some of the most advanced composite, metal parts and assemblies in the aerospace industry. At the main table, IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President […]

Missouri Labor-endorsed candidates for local and statewide offices in Aug. 4 primary

Following are the Missouri AFL-CIO and St. Louis Labor Council  COPE endorsements for Aug. 4, 2020 Missouri primary election, based on recommendations from Missouri Labor Clubs. Information provided by the Labor Council and Missouri AFL-CIO. An asterisk (*) denotes a friendly incumbent. STATEWIDEYes on Amendment 2Governor  Nicole Galloway (D)Lt. Governor  OpenSecretary of State   Yinka Faleti (D)Treasurer  Vicki Englund (D)Attorney General  Open U.S. CONGRESSCD1 Lacy Clay (D)*CD2 Jill Schupp (D)CD3 OpenCD4 Lindsey Simmons (D) STATE SENATE PRIMARY District 1Republican  No endorsementDemocrat  Doug Beck District 3Republican Elaine Gannon District 5Republican  No endorsementDemocrat  OPEN District 13Democrat  OPENLibertarian  No endorsement District 15Republican  No endorsementDemocrat  Deb Lavender District 23Republican  No endorsementDemocrat  Richard Orr STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES PRIMARY District 42Republican No endorsementDemocrat  N/A District 63Republican  Dale SchaperDemocrat  N/A District […]

Boeing Speed Facts

Most Essential Wednesday, June 10, 2020 Dear Brothers and Sisters, As our communities and our states begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Boeing decided to make the wearing of face masks in the workplace a requirement across the enterprise beginning, June 15, 2020. I encourage all members to adhere to this policy and use common sense, social distancing practices. Please address any safety concerns you may have with your manager and union representative. For over two months IAM 837 members have continued to come to work as designated “essential workers”, making a profit for the Boeing Company during […]

GKN Speed Facts

Back To Business Tuesday, June 9, 2020 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week during a (3) hour conference call with GKN leadership, the Union discussed many topics. One was the continued efforts to keep employees safe despite political decisions to open up our state for business. We encouraged continual cleaning practices, access to sufficient safety supplies, and improved communication about COVID-19 related incidences in the shop. We discussed current grievances and the need to select arbitrators on multiple grievances where we are unable to reach an agreement. As a result of the pandemic, all arbitrations have been postponed until it […]

June Golf Tournament Canceled

The Guide Dogs of America Golf Scramble that was scheduled for June 20th at Incline Village has been canceled due to Covid-19 issues. It will be rescheduled for a later date when it can be safely conducted. As of right now we hope to still have our GDA golf tournament in October. Thank you!

IAM Members, Families Can Complete Bachelor’s Degree for Free This Summer

Because of the current economic and public health uncertainty, IAM members and families who enroll in the IAM’s Low-Cost Degree Program by Monday, May 18, 2020 can complete a bachelor’s degree with no out-of-pocket costs. Get started by calling 888-897-9671 or enrolling online at FreeCollege.goIAM.org. Your union is making it possible for all students who enroll through the IAM Low-Cost Degree Program at Central State University this summer to complete their degree with no out-of-pocket costs. IAM members and family who enroll in the term beginning May 18 can do so under the same terms as the IAM Free College Program. All new […]

AeroFacts Correction

In the April 2020 print edition of AeroFacts there was an error on the absentee request form for the Grand Lodge Delegate Election. The form used in print was not up to date with current constitution language. Below are downloadable and printable copies of the updated form for each local lodge.

(GKN)Safety First

Dear “Essential” Machinist Member, We continue to see progress being made with regard to the company providing adequate safety supplies, however, your union continues to press for more improvements. I am frustrated by the company’s refusal to relax attendance and LOA guidelines and its practice of forcing employees to quarantine without pay or forced to use available PTO. Common sense dictates that employees should not have to choose between potentially exposing coworkers and getting a paycheck. It ‘s already stressful enough to be forced to be working in a potentially unsafe environment because of strict attendance and LOA rules. The […]

Union-Busting Cases Against Boeing in South Carolina Move Forward

A federal complaint has been issued against the Boeing Co. for unlawfully firing and disciplining IAM supporters at the company’s North Charleston, SC plant. The National Labor Relations Board is moving forward with charges that Boeing wrongly fired five flight line employees and disciplined union supporters more harshly than other workers. The complaint comes eight months after an NLRB regional director had found merit in the IAM’s cases. A group of 176 Flight Line Inspectors and Technicians voted nearly 2-to-1 in May 2018 to join the IAM and had to deal with threats due to their union support. Claims that Boeing SC […]

Budgeting Amid COVID-19

Budgeting Amid COVID-19 – IAMAW The IAM is working to make sure you have the resources you need for long-term planning. You can download a PDF of this presentation on our home page. Just click on Coronavirus Resource Center.

GKN St. Louis Covid-19 Update

Dear Team, As you may be aware, we recently discovered an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee’s last workday on-site was Wednesday, April 8th. During work hours, this employee wore a mask and gloves, and we believe that in an effort for self-protection, he also helped to protect others. This employee will remain home under quarantine for at least the next two weeks and until cleared by a health official before returning to work. I would first like to express my support for the employee and ask you join me is wishing them and their family a full […]

Emotions Run High

Dear Brothers and Sisters, With every day that goes by it seems the world changes before our eyes. Right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, District 837 members must still go to work. On one hand we still have the opportunity to earn a paycheck, while on the other is the need to be safe and the fear of contracting a potentially fatal virus. Never before have we faced such a stressful dilemma. This pandemic has raised known and unknown issues of safety and company policy that need to be addressed and/or negotiated. While both companies portray an image […]

St. Louis Machinists Union Members to Produce COVID-19 Face Shields

St. Louis, Thursday, April 9, 2020 – Members of Machinist Union (IAM) District 837 employed at Boeing in St. Louis are volunteering to work overtime in order to help build face shields needed by health care workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The more than 2,000 workers – who build F15 and F18 fighter jets and other defense equipment – will be using eight hours of volunteer overtime each week to assemble medical-grade face shields, which will then be packaged and shipped directly to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Boeing announced it is activating its additive […]

Machinists Call for Worker Protections, Use of Shuttered Factories to Fight COVID-19

The IAM is urging President Trump to join the union’s call for employers to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to all working people on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. In a letter to the president, IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. also offers the IAM’s cooperation in identifying out-of-work IAM members and shuttered manufacturing facilities to produce medical supplies. Thousands of IAM members, especially in the aerospace, manufacturing, defense, transportation and healthcare industries, remain on the job during the COVID-19 pandemic. “In fair, far too many situations our members are being put in harm’s way because they do not […]

Washington State Lawmakers Urge Boeing to Accept Relief, Protect Aerospace Jobs

Members of the Washington state congressional delegation sent a letter to Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, urging the aerospace giant to accept relief from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act. The letter expresses hope that the Boeing Company will consider making full use of the CARES Act’s economic relief provisions to support tens of thousands of aviation and aerospace machinists, engineers, electricians, technicians and other frontline workers in the U.S. aviation and aerospace industry. The IAM represents more than 30,000 members at Boeing and thousands more at Boeing suppliers. The pandemic has forced Boeing and many […]


Our members have many questions during this Covid-19 pandemic. Things have changed rapidly at each company, sometimes hourly. We will do our best to answer questions as soon as we have information available. Check back often. This page will be updated. Q: What is the Company doing to clean my work area? A: There has been increased cleaning of high traffic areas such as door handles and walk ways. If you feel your area needs to be cleaned better ask your manager. Q: What if I need to take time off work because my kids are home from school? A: […]

Governor Parson Announces April 7 Municipal Elections Postponed Until June 2 in Response to COVID-19

Jefferson City — Pursuant to Governor Mike Parson’s Executive Order 20-02 declaring a state of emergency in response to COVID-19 and a request from Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Governor Parson today signed Executive Order 20-03 ordering all Missouri municipal elections previously scheduled for April 7, 2020, to be postponed to June 2, 2020. The Executive Order declares that ballots already printed for the April 7 election may be used at the postponed date of June 2. Voters who have attained the age of 18 by April 7 will be allowed to cast a ballot.  “Given the growing concern surrounding COVID-19 and […]

Leave A Springtime Legacy: Get Kids Involved In Turkey Hunting

By Dr. Brooks Tiller Gobbles boom like thunder, budding blooms fill the air with a fresh aroma and green sprouts break through the forest floor as springtime gives newness to the woods. Turkey season is an invigorating breath of fresh air. It also provides a great opportunity to get kids involved in the outdoors. To help you get youngsters interested in hunting and the outdoors, we offer the following advice from a trio of parents who’ve gotten their young guns off to a great start. KEEP IT FUN In 2019, I took my son, Thor, (age 3 at the time) […]

Union Leaders Push For COVID-19 Safety Measures At ‘Essential’ Manufacturing Plants

Workers at the General Motors Wentzville assembly plant (pictured above) are on furlough. But other manufacturing workers considered essential must still report to work, though many fear for their health.FILE PHOTO | CAROLINA HIDALGO | ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO By CORINNE RUFF St.LouisPublicRadio Updated 3:15 p.m. Friday, March 27, with comments from Olin’s Winchester division. The coronavirus outbreak is changing the way many people work — and whether some report to their jobs at all.  Local governments in the St. Louis region recently restricted gatherings to 10 people or fewer, and many have ordered residents to stay at home in an effort to stop […]

IAM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center

IAM Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center – IAMAW Note: Information on this website may change as the situation, recommendations and resources evolve. Please check back frequently. Updates March 20 Update: Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act March 20 Update: Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act March 19 Update: A Message from IP Martinez on the Coronavirus Crisis March 19 Update: IAM Issues Guidelines for Bargaining with Employers Regarding COVID-19 March 19 Update: Union Plus Offering Hardship Assistance March 19 Update: IAM EAP and Addiction Services Program Remains Available to Membership March 17 Update: Machinists Urge U.S. Senate to Pass Coronavirus Response […]

Machinists Union Membership Votes to Endorse Joe Biden

The IAM, utilizing an unprecedented democratic process that included a general membership vote open to all U.S. members in good standing, has endorsed Joe Biden for president of the United States. The IAM’s endorsement is the majority will of the IAM’s membership and its state councils, who voted online through an independent third party in early March. More about the IAM’s endorsement process is available at iam2020.org. Cumulative General Membership Vote (March 4-6, 2020) Democrats (66%) 1. Joe Biden – 36%  2. Bernie Sanders – 26%  3. Elizabeth Warren – 2% 4. Michael Bloomberg – 1% 5. Tulsi Gabbard – […]

IAM Scores Major Legislative Victories

The IAM scored major legislative victories at the end of 2019. These victories included the repeal of the 40 percent Cadillac health care tax, the reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and the signing of the $738 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).   ‘Cadillac Tax’ Repeal Vital legislation repealing the Cadillac Tax, a 40 percent health benefits tax on employer-sponsored healthcare, was included in the end-of-year appropriations and tax bill. “The Machinists Union has been fighting for years to end the 40 percent Cadillac Tax on working peoples’ health care plans,” said Machinists Union International President Robert Martinez Jr.  […]

IAM District 837 H.E.L.P.S. Greater St. Marks Church in Ferguson, Missouri

IAM District 837 recently helped a local church in need of a facelift in the St. Louis area. Nearly 20 volunteers traveled from all over the District for the district’s first “IAM H.E.L.P.S. in the Community” event. The event took place at the Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson, MO. Union members did a range of work including power washing the church’s exterior, debris removal, weed and plant removal, laying weed barrier, mulching, planting, and painting the exterior handrails. “The facility is 49 years old,” said IAM District 837 Directing Business Representative Earl Schuessler. “The congregation purchased the building […]

Machinists Support UAW Members on Strike at GM Facilities

The Machinists Union stands with the thousands of UAW-represented General Motors’ workers who are walking the picket lines. The IAM supports the union’s pressure to ink a collective bargaining agreement that provides these GM workers with good pay and benefits. IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has voiced his support for the picketers.   Myself and 600,000 Fighting @MachinistsUnion members are proud to stand with @UAW members on strike fighting for fair wages, affordable health care and job security. Stop your corporate greed and do the right thing, @GM. #UnionStrong #StandWithUS pic.twitter.com/ofc1Z02OKX — Robert Martinez Jr. (@IAMBobMartinez) September 20, 2019 […]

Join the Petition to Support IAM Members at Boeing South Carolina

Let’s keep the pressure on Boeing Co. to reinstate our fellow IAM members who were unjustly fired at the company’s campus in North Charleston, S.C. Please sign the petition urging Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to immediately allow the workers to return to work. As you may know, a National Labor Relations Board region recently found merit in the IAM’s complaint that Boeing leaders violated federal labor laws when they fired workers for their support of the union. Our correspondence to Muilenburg also urges company officials to start negotiating a first contract for the Flight Line workers who last year won […]

Let’s keep the pressure on Boeing Co. to reinstate our fellow IAM members who were unjustly fired at the company’s campus in North Charleston, S.C.

The IAM scored a major win in its complaint that Boeing Co. unjustly fired workers at its North Charleston, S.C. campus for support of the union. A National Labor Relations Board regional director recently concluded there’s merit to the IAM’s charges that Boeing South Carolina officials violated federal labor law when they fired the workers shortly after the union won a representation election there. The director’s finding advances the cases to trial in front of an administrative law judge.   BIG NEWS: @Boeing has been found GUILTY of firing workers for their support of the IAM in South Carolina. #BeBetterBoeing […]

Have You Registered for the IAM’s 2020 Presidential Endorsement Election?

Who should the IAM endorse for the U.S. president? Don’t miss the opportunity to register to have your voice heard! As you may have heard, there’s a new process that gives the IAM members the opportunity to vote online for a candidate of their choice. To do so, you must register to vote in our endorsement process at iam2020.org. “When presidential candidates call me and ask for our endorsement I tell them all the same thing: If you want the IAM’s endorsement, don’t talk to me—talk to our members,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “Go visit them, and listen to them, […]

Brother Ken Kellogg Returns to Work After Unjust Termination From Boeing

Brother Ken Kellogg was unjustly terminated from Boeing in August 2017. Through the unrelenting efforts of his Union, Brother Kellogg returned to work in May 2019 after the union won his grievance in arbitration. He has also been made whole with settlement of $150,000. This is a great example of the “never give up, never surrender” attitude that makes our union so great. After battling against the company for a year and nine months, we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS TO BROTHER KELLOGG AND ALL OF THOSE THAT WORKED TIRELESSLY ON HIS BEHALF! We are still working hard on other […]

District 837 Picnic Saturday September 7th

Can believe summer is almost over. Fall is coming which means bonfires, deer hunting, and the District 837 Picnic. This year the picnic will be held September 7th at the 837 Union Hall (212 Utz Lane). Join us from 11-5pm for food and drinks. Plenty of activities for the family. Horseshoes, dunking booth, snow cones, pony rides, clowns, face painting, balloon twister, and much more. Also don’t forget to sign up for washers and bag toss tournament! Dunking booth proceeds go to the Guide Dogs of America!

Chicago IAM Local 48 Member to be Featured on USA’s ‘Brotherhood Outdoors’

Machinist Michael Wojciechowski this week heads to the wide-open spaces of Wyoming for his first-ever pronghorn hunt on an episode of the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s (USA) “Brotherhood Outdoors” television series. The episodes air on the Sportsman Channel starting Tuesday, July 30. Wojciechowski, a member of IAM’s Local 48 in Chicago, has been a machine maintenance worker at PSW Industries and later for the Chicago Transit Authority. Wojciechowski is a six-year Navy veteran who also spent 17 years in the U.S. Army National Guard. He credits his military experiences with instilling in him a sense of discipline and fostering the ability […]

Addressing a Growing Problem – Help is Just a Phone Call Away

The Summer 2019 IAM Journal will be hitting the doorsteps on IAM members by late May. Here’s a first look at one of several articles in this edition. The opioid epidemic is sweeping across the United States. It’s affecting young and old, men and women, rich and poor. It doesn’t discriminate or care about your race, gender, income or upbringing. Chances are you know someone affected by opioid addiction. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency regarding the opioid crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an average of 130 people […]

You Now Have a Voice in the IAM’s U.S. Presidential Endorsement

Sisters and Brothers, Shortly after I was sworn in as your International President, a member asked me, “When are we going to have a say in who the IAM endorses for president?” It was a good question, and one I’ve been thinking about a lot now that it’s election season. The answer is that your Executive Council hears you. It’s time for a change. I am proud to announce that for the first time in the history of the IAM, during the 2020 primaries, members will be given the opportunity to vote online, through an independent firm, for a candidate […]

U.S. Senator Calls on Boeing to Respect South Carolina Workers, Recognize IAM

A recent New York Times report on safety concerns in the 787 Dreamliner production line prompted Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH) to write a letter urging Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to reconsider the company’s approach to quality control and safety lapses. Brown’s letter also called on Boeing to adopt card check neutrality for all workers at the South Carolina plant as part of their response to the Dreamliners’ safety concerns. READ: Ohio senator calls for union as solution to alleged Boeing SC production issues Charleston (SC) Post and Courier An alarming report from The Daily: Boeing pushed its workforce to quickly […]